Thursday, November 08, 2012

Time to come in off the playground and get to work!

The election is over. It's time to set aside the whining, gloating, and threatening, and get on with the business of actually governing. And we need to do so in the real world, rather than within the dream world of ideological purity. Realistically, there is little chance that a third party will rise above the status of a political Wailing Wall anytime in the foreseeable future. The only way we will ever get anything done in this country is through genuine compromise between the two major political parties. And the only way that can come about is if BOTH parties abandon their predilection for making the other party a feared bogeyman. To recognize the FACT that liberals don't want socialism and conservatives don't want fascism.

As long as the parties base their platform upon the bloviation of extremist "entertainers," the only ones who will prosper will be the entertainers themselves, as well as the media outlets that provide them with their platforms. The rest of us will continue to grow frustrated with the toxic rhetoric and political stagnation, and both political parties will grow increasingly marginalized. Faced with promises of draconian austerity measures, heralded as the holy Grail of "true conservatism," the liberal reaction will inevitably be to call for increased entitlement programs, to which the "true conservatives" will respond with even more draconian measures. The cycle will spiral eternally upward. Who will benefit? First of all, the media that sees such discord as a golden cash cow. Secondly, the wealthiest and most powerful, who will see their profits rise as the rules that govern their businesses are eroded. And finally, the unions will see their membership rolls swell, with fear of worker exploitation being their war cry.

What both "sides" fail to recognize is that such tension is not sustainable over the long term, and that a swing to the extreme on either side can only crush consumer confidence, which will eventually result in diminished profits for companies, dwindling dividends for stockholders, and the alienation of the populace. This country desperately NEEDS a strong conservative element, to ensure that our economy remains strong. It also NEEDS a strong liberal element, to ensure that the dividends, the Dow, and the S&P aren't the ONLY benchmarks of that economy, much less, of the overall well-being of the country.

It's time to quit acting like frightened children and neighborhood gangs. The "other guys" aren't your enemies, they are - or could be - your partners in making this country as great as our founders knew it could be. And the first step toward that partnership must be the turning aside from the wailing of entertainers whose sole motivation is to maintain their audience and the revenue that a large audience provides.

Steps down from soap box and wanders off, in search of breakfast...

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