Saturday, October 25, 2008

The "W Syndrome" in action

Reading the headlines on this morning, I was struck by the realization that, while the Republicans have tried to turn Obama's past marijuana & coke use into a deal-killer, it seriously looks like they've recruited Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to head up their campaigns.

Sounds ludicrous, I know. At least it did until one really thinks about the fact that they are actually supportive of Joe the Plumber's announcement on conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham's program that he's considering a run for Congress in 2010.

I mean, think about it... The guy is planted by Republicans to pull a "gotcha" on Obama, misrepresents himself (he's not even a licensed plumber, and is in no position to even consider buying the plumbing company where he works), and the sham is publicly exposed. Now, the guy's attempts to extend his 15 minutes would be pathetic enough, but as it turns out, the Republican machine is not only supporting the idea, they are excited about it! Ingraham said she would lend her assistance, and the National Republican Congressional Committee welcomed Joe's candidacy with "open arms.”

The more I think about it, the more I come to realize that these folks aren't actually tripping. They're desperate. They see their grip on the political brass ring slipping rapidly away, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it back, even to the point of fielding candidates with some degree of personal appeal in lieu of capacity for governance.

First, we had the hockey mom whose primary claim to political fame was as governor of Alaska, where the biggest problem she faced was getting a few pennies more from the oil companies to give to her constituents. Never mind the inconsistency of these actions with her frequent rails against socialism. She's cute, and can appeal to those people whose eyes glaze over when someone starts actually discussing policies.

Now, we have a pretend-plumber who read his lines well enough, but obviously started zoning out when Obama began answering his questions. What's next... a 35-year-old in a persistent vegetative state, held up as a role model for other comatose citizens?

I can understand why the "machine" would support such candidates. After all, look how easily they were led into situations so clearly beyond their capacities. They don't even seem to be aware that they're far out of their depth. One can imagine how easily they could be handled if they were actually to win the offices they seek. Kind of like Bush, but without the personal agenda.

Nope, the machine isn't tripping on acid. They're running on empty, and frantically searching for some foothold. If they succeed, it won't reflect poorly on them. They're just doing their cynical best to survive. It will reflect pretty badly on the intelligence and values of us citizens, however. But maybe having been a laughing stock and pariah to the rest of the world for 8 years, we've actually grown accustomed to it, even learned to prefer such a distinction. I think I'll call it the "W Syndrome." I sure hope there's a cure. If not, we'll all need some of that acid before long.


Cosmic Connie said...

"The guy is planted by Republicans to pull a 'gotcha' on Obama, misrepresents himself (he's not even a licensed plumber, and is in no position to even consider buying the plumbing company where he works)..."

And not only that, his name really isn't Joe, not exactly. "Joseph" is his middle name. I guess "Joe the Plumber" just had a catchy sound, like "average Joe" or "Joe Sixpack" or "Joe Shmoe" or "Joe the Hustledork." Oops, scratch that last one. :-)

As if McCain's official campaign puppeteers aren't being ludicrous enough, McCain supporters are apparently taking it upon themselves to engage in their own desperate ploys, as discussed on Steve Salerno's SHAMblog today. I refer, of course, to that Texas woman who coincidentally appeared in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, where she beat herself up and cut a "B" into her face, then tried to convince police that someone else, (presumably a Barack supporter) had done it... Now, there's a fine example of a pro-American making a sacrifice for the good of the country!

As you said, they're all getting more and more desperate. I only hope that Barack's campaign doesn't decide at the last minute to stoop to such desperate tactics.

Anonymous said...

I think it is all really simple. All the political ramblings, ridiculous pranks, and pointing of the bone are designed to 'appeal' to a broad spectrum of people.

Attention 'snapping' and grabbing is the name of the game... simple as it is. I have do not even think the attention even needs to be positive. It just needs to exist on a massive scale. It is all about 'remembering the name for the voting card'.

Unfortunately voting is not compulsory in the USA. If it were,
perhaps some of our voters who actually do have two neurons synapsing simultaneously would actually cast a vote!

So whether we have Joe the Plumber, Dr Phil, Sarah, John or Obama.... does it really matter? Who has the catchiest name.... who can we all remember? Sad as it seems that is who probably has the best chance of winning the game, any game.

I hope that I have not broken any rules here. I have not ever blogged or answered a blog before.

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